Water worlds in danger on display at Schönbrunn zoo

Everything about water is the motto at the world’s oldest zoo, Vienna’s Tiergarten Schönbrunn, from the 19th to 25 March.

The projects all of which are water-based have been organised to mark world water day.

A spokesman for the zoo said that moors, marshes, rivers and lakes were among the richest in flora and fauna but at the same time among the most threatened habitats.

There is a special focus on educating children including an exhibition entitled “water and you” which includes interactive displays such as the opportunity to touch the waterproof fur of a polar bear and penguin feathers.

A quiz for zoo visitors has also been organised which can only be answered by visiting as many attractions as possible. It includes such tips such how the beak of the flamingo works or how you can distinguish different types of penguins.