Hole in One With Tiger Woods

By Olivia Michaud

Injured ski star American Lindsey Vonn has spoken of sharing golf and skiing with Tiger Woods and says that although her private life is great at the moment – winning still comes first.

She said: “Tiger is a good skier. But I was the one that made a hole in one.”

Vonn was speaking to ski expert Alexandra Meissnitzer from the Austrian broadcaster the ORF about her private life and her new lover Woods, and said her sporting career was very much still the priority over her private life.

She said: “At the moment my private life is going great, but skiing is at the moment more important. Even if the priorities are changing slightly, still in the first instance for me is winning.”

Vonn who normally keeps her private life ‘very private’ and Woods made their relationship public in March.

She said: “We try to keep our private life for ourselves, but it is very difficult. The paparazzi follow Tiger all the time. I have never experienced anything like it. That’s why we thought it was better to go public. We are now very happy.”

Speaking about her recent ski accident Vonn said: “Tiger supports me a lot. It is very important to me that I have someone who I can talk things through with. He has helped me a lot.”

Lindsay also added. “It is difficult for me (always being in the media now), I don’t read the papers any more.”

Despite her serious injury which she sustained at the Ski World Cup in February she is hoping to be back on the ski piste by October at the latest to begin training for the Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014.

Vonn hopes her career stretches to 2018 – and hopes she manages to stay injury free.

Talking about Mikaela Shiffrin, dubbed Vonn’s successor, she said: “She is a lot better than I was at that age.”

Vonn then admitted that without her sponsor her success would not be possible and added: “My success would not be possible without the support of Red Bull. After my operation I have been given an individual trainer and physio here in the US. That is a great advantage.”