Diaz denies big boob dreams

Cameron Diaz revealed she has never considered plastic surgery.

The Hollywood star told Austrian star news weekly Live: “I never wanted to buy myself a new pair of breasts. I found a few push-up bras and I’m very satisfied with them.”

The 38-year-old actress reminisced: “I had a grandmother with an enormous cleavage, while my mum has very small breasts. As a young girl, I’d tell my mother that I didn’t want hers but granny’s!”

Diaz stars alongside her ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake in “Bad Teacher,” a new comedy film. The “Charlie’s Angels” star rubbished reports of friction between herself and Timberlake. The stars – dated for around three years – shot sex scenes for the upcoming film directed by Jake Kasdan (“Zero Effect”).

“Doing these scenes with Justin wasn’t hard at all. It would have been much more difficult with somebody I knew not that long,” Diaz said.

She explained: “There aren’t any unsorted things between Justin and me. (…) We trust each other and were able to let go in these scenes. It was really funny.”