Vienna zoo presents baby Batagur turtles

The first human-bred Batagur turtles are now on display at Vienna’s Schönbrunn Zoo.Zoo officials said the two baby Batagur turtles – whose ancestors used to live in rivers in India and Bangladesh – now bring the world population up to 22 after they were born last month.Their pregnant mothers were saved from the cooking pot when astonished turtle experts found them alive and for sale in an Indian market.Zoo spokeswoman Barbara Feldmann said today (Fri): “These are the first human bred Batagurs. This is a sensational breakthrough in the survival of this species.”The amphibians are classified as “critically endangered” after they were driven to near extinction after being hunted down by man for food.Schönbrunn Zoo is located at the Schönbrunn Palace Gardens. It is the oldest and one of the most modern zoos in the world and one of the Austrian capital’s top tourist attractions.