Vienna Zoo penguins not yet waterproof

Carers at Vienna’s Schönbrunn Zoo said their new-born Western Rockhopper Penguins were not allowed into the water as their feathers were not waterproof yet.Visitors can watch the ten young penguins born over the past four and a half weeks hopping around in a separate enclosure.Zoo bosses said the audience favourites were scoffing up to 20 herrings every day. They announced that the oldest penguin born on 21 April now weighed around 1.7 kilos, adding that full grown Western Rockhopper Penguins weighed around two and a half kilos.The baby penguins are watched with CCTV cameras by their carers to ensure their well-being.Schönbrunn Zoo – one of Austria’s top tourist attractions – is the only zoo in Europe breeding the endangered animals every year.Keepers said they tried to recreate the light and climate conditions of the Antarctic at the penguins’ enclosure to create a perfect environment for the young ones.