‘Authentic’ holidays in Romania a hit, survey shows

Hundreds of Austrians took part in a survey which revealed that almost one in three could imagine spending their holidays in Romania.THR marketing director Jorn Gieschen said yesterday (Tues) research has shown that most tourists visited the Eastern European country for its nature.Another result of the study – in which 10,800 people from Austria, Germany, France, Italy and other countries – were interviewed – is that 29 per cent considered spending their holidays in Romania while 44 per cent said they would not.Gieschen said offers like courses in preparing traditional food have turned out to be a hit with holidaymakers since many looked for “authentic experiences” when visiting the country.Online newspaper Romanian Times reports that around 56 per cent of interviewed people who had already went to Romania said they would recommend to family and friends to go there, while 30 per cent said the opposite.