Wife sues husband after crazed driving lesson

By Rob Hyde

A woman from Salzburg has pressed charged against her husband who threatened to kill her whilst giving her a driving lesson.

The 36 year old man lost his patience with his wife whilst attempting to teach her to drive, and he said he would kill her.

He threw his mobile phone at the lady’s head, then said “I will drive you to hell” before racing at 180 kilometers per hour down a country lane in St Michael im Lungau.

When he finally managed to calm down and stopped the car, his wife jumped out and contacted the police.

He is now facing charges of criminal threat and personal injury. He is not allowed to enter the marital home, and his keys have been confiscated by the local authorities.

The police report relating to the case said that the couple frequently argued.

Yesterday in Ebensee, just under 70 kilometres east of Salzburg, six people were injured when an 18 year old driver was having a practice driving lesson.

The young driver from Haid was driving along the B145 country road from Bad Ischl in the direction of Ebensee, accompanied by his 52 year old father at the front and his mother and younger brother in the back.

As he approached a junction, he signaled he was moving to the left, and stopped because of the oncoming traffic from the other direction.

The driver behind him, however, overlooked this signal and crashed into him, causing a pile up.

Emergency services, including a rescue helicopter were called and the B145 was closed for 1.5 hours.