Hotels cost most in Innsbruck according to study

Hotels are more expensive in Innsbruck than in any other part of Austria according to a new study by the online booking portal

The study also found that in general across the country Hotel prices have risen on the previous year by around 4.32%.

In Innsbruck there are the highest prices as opposed to the other Austrian cities. On average visitors pay €91.69 per night for a room. That is increase over the year of 4.53%.

In contrast Graz offers the best possibilities for staying overnight. The average price is €80.25 per night.

In second place for the most expensive is Vienna. Innsbruck’s tourism boss Fritz Kraft said he was not concerned about the report saying that in the case of Innsbruck at least paying a good price meant that the was a good service provided.

He also said that being able to charge realistic prices meant that the future of good-quality hotels was secure in the city.