Sexual peak on offer on ebay

A romantic couple are to be given the chance to reach new peaks – in a double bed nearly 10,000ft up a mountain in the Alps.

The nature lovers will use a bed – laid on by tourism chiefs in Ramsau, Austria – placed at the top of a glacier in complete seclusion apart from the stars and the odd mountain goat.

One night in the bed – which comes with no mod cons apart from a loo and a luxury food hamper – is being auctioned off on eBay.

Winners can cool their passions in an ice cold mountain stream and be certain that however loud they are, they won’t disturb anyone.

“It is a very romantic site under a sky of stars with no-one to hear or see you.

“Mind you, if they feel the earth move they’d better get going, it could be an avalanche,” said one mountain guide.

Profits from the sale will go to the United Nations’ cultural organisation UNESCO, which has declared the beauty spot a World Heritage Site.

“We are offering an unforgettable adventure for two. Whether you have just fallen in love and want to surprise your partner or simply love nature – this night is sure to be unforgettable,” said a tourist authority spokesman.