Austrian paedophile jailed in Spain

An Austrian pensioner has been sentenced to more than four years in jail for molesting kids and possessing underage pornographic material by a court in Spain.Judges heard how Rudolf C. lured the boys – a neighbour, 14, and his nine-year-old nephew – into his villa in San Juan de Alicante at the Costa Blanca for months. The 73-year-old won their trust with presents and by allowing them to use his spacious pool.The defendant masturbated while the kids swam, prosecutors said, adding that he also showed child porn films to the boys to persuade them to carry out sexual acts with him.The paedophile – whose abusive acts were exposed when one of the children told his parents – was sentenced to four years and nine months in jail by the Court of Alicante last week, juridical officials confirmed today (Fri).The Austrian was also ordered to pay compensation of 6,000 Euros to the boys. Investigators are currently trying to find out whether more kids became victims of the pervert.