Tourists sedated and robbed

Police are investigating after a German couple were numbed and robbed at a motorway rest stop in Carinthia on Tuesday night.Officials in Villach said today (Thurs) the pensioners – a man, 68, and his 66-year-old wife – parked their caravan in a rest stop car park at the A11 Karawanken motorway to spend the night there before continuing their journey to Croatia.They noticed after waking up that the door of the vehicle was pried open and hundreds of Euros stolen. A doctor found out that the married pair were anaesthetised with some sort of gas which could have been induced by the criminals through a half-open window.The couple resumed their trip after the medic gave the go-ahead since the attack did not have any serious effects on their health. A local police officer said the holidaymakers’ dog was fine as well. A vet found that the animal had been sedated in the incident as well.