Manhunt for man suspected of killing wife

Police are hunting a Bosnian man accused of clubbing his wife to death.Miladin G. has been on the run since what is believed to be a wild argument at the family home in Pabing-Nußdorf, Salzburg, on Saturday. The man’s wife, 41, was found lying in a puddle of blood on the bedroom floor. A 50-centimetre iron bar was confiscated from another room by policemen. Examinations concluded that the object is the murder weapon.Police said today (Mon) that the main suspect called his 16-year-old son to tell him he was on his way to Bosnia-Herzegovina. The man is understood to be driving his Audi Q5 sports car. Authorities explained the 49-year-old’s car must have been seriously damaged when he crashed through a closed door after the incident.Investigates found out that the man – a construction worker – did not use his own mobile. The device was found at the family home. Officials explain that the alleged killer was trying to evade being tracked that way.Neighbours described the suspect as “hot-tempered”, while a policeman told local press: “We heard the couple have been quarrelling on a regular basis.”