Fox stuck on floe saved

Styrian fire-fighters rescued a fox trapped on an ice floe floating in the middle of a pond this morning (Fri).Officials in Wartberg said the local fire brigade used a canoe and a fishing net to bring the distressed animal to safety.Tourists enjoying the slopes informed lift operators after spotting the fox erratically going round in circles on the piece of solid ice in the middle of the pond close to the piste.Firemen, who were ready to don their neoprene suits to reach the fox by swimming to the ice floe, eventually opted for a local’s brittle canoe to catch the animal which was released in nearby woodlands.The unusual rescue operation garnered the attention of dozens of skiers and snowboarders.”There’s this iconic image of a polar bear sitting on a floe often used to remind people of the effects of global warming. But a fox stranded on one, that’s really unusual, I think,” one holidaymaker said.