‘Phantom prostheses’ man suffers car crash

The first person in the world to receive a new kind of prostheses which he could control with his mind was involved in a dramatic car accident yesterday (Weds).Christian Kandlbauer lost both of his arms when he climbed up a high-voltage power line five years ago. A year later, Austrian and American scientists teamed up to create a prostheses he could operate using his mind. After several hours of daily training, the Styrian started his new life in 2006 and even passed his driving test.KandlbauerÂ’s Subaru caught fire after he came off the road and crashed against a tree on a main road near Bad Waltersdorf, Styria, yesterday. A quick-thinking truck driver saved his life by extinguishing the blaze and dragging him out of the vehicle.The prosthesis on his right arm was ripped off in the collision. Surgeons had to take off the left prosthesis in emergency surgery in a nearby hospital. Officials did not reveal what kind of injuries Kandlbauer sustained in the accident.