Randy ram keeps firemen busy

Fire-fighters had to be called out to catch a horny ram which injured a rival male sheep after setting his sights on female members of his herd.The ram jumped over a fence into the neighbouring field where he started to mount the sheep after knocking out their bellwether (a castrated ram leading a sheep flock) in Reindlmühl, Upper Austria, yesterday (Sun).Farmers called the local fire brigade after realising they would not manage to catch and calm down the animal.Another bizarre incident involving farm animals occurred in Oberau, Tyrol, earlier this month as three runaway cows went for a splash at the local public pool.The animals were grazing at the pool after escaping their fenced meadow, and jumped into the water-filled pool when firemen tried to catch them.All three heifers remained unharmed when they were eventually rounded up and returned to their owner.