Enormous explosives stash discovered in pantry

A blast master faces charges for hoarding around 20 kilos of explosives at his home.The 54-year-old Klagenfurt resident’s house was searched by police on the weekend following an anonymous tip-off. The man is allowed to possess explosives due to his profession but may now face consequences for improper storage.”The explosives are 30 to 40 years old and kind of decayed. They were kind of muddy,” one officer said today (Mon), adding that they discovered the dangerous substances stashed between bacon, jams and tins on shelves in the man’s pantry.This incident comes shortly after a police officer was sacked for keeping hundreds of World War Two weapons in his home.The Klagenfurt-based ex-officer dived for machine guns, grenades and landmines dumped by British troops in the Wörther Lake before they left the province after a 10-year occupation in 1955.He restored the weapons as a hobby. His secret stash was discovered by a special anti-terrorist unit after traces of highly explosive phosphor were discovered in the city.Officials said the hidden weapons weighed more than one ton.