Pig spared from slaughter after falling off trailer

Farmers decided not to slaughter a pig after it survived falling from a driving lorry yesterday (Mon).Lower Austrian authorities said today bosses of the Ratzersdorf-based farming business will keep the animal which got away with bruises after falling from a trailer and down an embankment. The pig was caught by local firemen and passersby who volunteered to help.This incidence comes just days after Ratzersdorf fire-fighters were called out to catch a raging bull which escaped from a local farm.Firemen in Fehring, Styria, only last Thursday chased 13 pigs which escaped a lorry on their way to the slaughterhouse. The animals ran into all directions as the truck they were in overturned after it collided with another lorry. Both drivers were unharmed in the collision, and the animal transport continued its journey to the abattoir.