Harrison Ford ‘too lazy’ for movie production business

Hollywood superstar Harrison Ford has revealed he is “way too lazy” to set up his own production company.Dozens of a-list actors have established their own movie production businesses in the past years, but the “Indiana Jones” star stressed he is not wasting a thought on such endeavours.”I’m way too lazy for that. I always wanted others to do that kind of work. I never had the feeling I should protect my potential or my career my setting up my own production firm,” he told Austrian magazine Live.The American, who plays a TV news anchorman in new comedy movie “Morning Glory”, added: “I’m interested in characters. I’m interested in (“Morning Glory” character) Mike Pomeroy, Indiana Jones and Jack Ryan, not Harrison Ford. I don’t want to be in the Harrison Ford business.”Asked why he took on the main role in “Morning Glory”, which will hit the screens in Austrian cinemas next week, he said: “I decide intuitively – and the script was very funny. Furthermore, I always wanted to work with (co-star) Diane Keaton who I haven’t known before.”Ford also revealed he lost any trust in nowadays’ television news coverage regarding their quality and credibility.The 68-year-old said: “There are some exceptions to the rule, but you should better not watch the news if you want real information. I think today’s TV news aren’t based on facts but are just focusing on spreading opinion.”I once put a lot of hope into (leading American news network) CNN, but what is it today? A channel which sells its opinion – but everyone’s got their own opinion anyway,” Ford added.