Warsaw train assignment for Siemens Austria

Siemens Austria has been contracted to produce 35 underground trains for a Polish city’s public transport network.The technology company announced today (Weds) that it was assigned by decision-makers in Warsaw to produce, deliver and install 35 of its Inspiro public transport vehicle models for 272 million Euros.Siemens Austria said it will start manufacturing the ordered trains next year. The company added that production and delivery should be completed by 2016.Siemens Austria announced that Warsaw city hall also secured the possible production of 17 further underground trains. The Inspiro model needs up to 30 per cent less energy than comparable underground trains due to its innovative lightweight construction, according to Siemens Austria.Siemens Mobility boss Arnulf Wolfram said Warsaw was a good example for developments in many cities in Eastern Europe (EE) where population figures and spending power is on the rise.Wolfram also revealed that Siemens Austria is considering making offers for projects in Belgian capital Brussels and in Helsinki, Finland.Siemens Austria belongs to leading IT and technology firm Siemens AG. While the German firm is headed by Austrian Peter Löscher, it is former construction businessman Wolfgang Hesoun who followed Brigitte Ederer as Siemens Austria CEO last year. Ederer – a former Austrian Social Democratic (SPÖ) state secretary – now heads the German firm’s European division and personnel agendas.Siemens came 49th in Interbrand’s Best Global Brands 2010 study after coming 47th the previous year. The market analysis agency saw the firm’s current brand value unchanged at 7.315 million US dollars (5.302 million Euros) year on year. This means Siemens outstripped companies such as foodstuff giant Nestle and carmaker Audi last year.Siemens Austria’s Viennese facility has become the company’s main location for the construction of public transport vehicles. Around 2,000 employees produce 500 trains per year, while staff in Graz focus on developing new models.Many U-Bahn trains and trams in service in Vienna are Siemens Austria models.