Top Vienna eatery shuts over debts

One of Vienna’s most famous restaurants is set to shut down with bosses of the “Drei Husaren” eatery filing for bankruptcy.Tanja Schartel of the Federal Creditors’ Protection Association (KSV 1870) said today (Fri): “The closure is scheduled and staff have been informed about their dismissal.”Uwe V. Kohl GmbH & Co. KG, the managers of the tradition-rich city centre business, said turnover dropped from 1.6 million Euros in 2007 to 1.3 million Euros the next year. The firm said last year’s turnover was only 327,000 Euros.KSV officials said the restaurant had debts of around 1.38 million Euros.These developments come after award-winning restaurant Meinl am Graben is to be turned into a champagne bar. Managers of the popular eatery said in March top chef Joachim Gradwohl will leave as the plan was to stop offering high-end cuisine.Reports claimed the venue will serve cocktails, caviar and oysters instead of warm multi-course meals.Viennese dailies said the restaurant had dismissed 15 employees as part of its change of strategic direction.