AIDS-denying mother sentenced

A Styrian woman who infected her baby with HIV has been given a ten-month suspended jail sentence.Judges heard yesterday (Tues) how Barbara Seebald from Frauental kept doctors from carrying out a caesarean when she gave birth to Muriel last year despite suffering from the disease.The 41-year-old contracted the virus around 20 years ago but said she thought claims about the dangers of HIV and AIDS had been “made up” by orthodox medicine supporters and the pharmaceutical industry.Judges at the criminal court in Graz also heard how the woman staunched the baby despite appeals from doctors not to do so.The verdict is not yet legally binding however as Seebald appealed the sentence.”I’m totally healthy. I can’t remember the last time I was sick,” the mother-of-four said during a previous court hearing, explaining that she “lives a healthy vegan lifestyle”.All of the children of Barbara and Leonhard Seebald – who has HIV as well – live with foster families today.Local media revealed recently that the couple are followers of the infamous German faith healer Ryke Geerd Hamer.