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24. 09. 10. - 14:00

Convict angered by Dornhelm's movie project

A famed Austrian director faces fresh pressure over a controversial film project portraying the life of a brutal killer.

Robert Dornhelm is at the ready to direct "The Amanda Knox Story", a TV movie drama about US student Amanda Knox who was jailed for 26 years in a prison in Perugia, Italy, for the brutal murder of British flatmate Meredith Kercher.

Now Raffaele Sollecito jailed for 25 years for his part in the crime which occurred in Perugia three years ago announced concerns the film could harm legal appeals he and Knox, his ex- girlfriend are making against their convictions.

The Italians layer Luca Maori said today (Fri): "We dont have the final verdict in this case yet. If the film is ready before the appeal is over, we will seek a court injunction to prevent it being aired."

The 21-year-old victims dad John Kercher said recently: "I don't like the idea of a film based on Meredith's death. Seeing it graphically portrayed () is a horrible thought."

"Heroes" star Hayden Panettiere is due to play Knox in the movie. "Law & Order" producer Wendy Battles will write the screenplay.

Romanian-born Dornhelm created acclaimed 2001 TV series "Anne Frank: The Whole Story". His documentary film "The Children of Theatre Street" was awarded for an Oscar in 1978.

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  • Harry Rag wrote on 26. 09. 2010 from London

    The English translation of the Massei report can be downloaded from here:


    • Avani wrote on 24. 03. 2012 from RAryZWGbfjplBItJQI

      Most of the arguments used in this suscidsion are based on second-hand info or opinions, which does not make them very convincing. It really does not matter how well the evidence was gathered or how nice the interrogators were: all in all there is just not enough evidence to convict anybody but Mr. Guede. The rest is make-believe: the Italian justice system wanted to score with a horror story in the aftermath of Halloween the celebration of which has never been part of Italian tradition and is seen as a potent example of US cultural imperialism. How convenient that the gruesome murder could be linked to an American; too bad it became a story with a completely unbelievable plot.Since nobody really likes criticism, the Knox family and the politicians supporting them would have done well to openly praise the Italian prosecutors and judges, and express their condolences to the Kercher family (a victim remains a victim), while contacting secretly e.g. prime minister Silvio Berlusconi to make a deal. It is my sincere wish that the innocents will be freed, that the guilty face God's wrath, and that the mourners will be comforted.


    • Miroslav wrote on 26. 03. 2012 from RLXYpcTMKjKv

      1s Anonymous, I stand by my words too, and you are definitely a moron. Are you a Euroweenie, whose viassme inferiority complex makes you desire to destroy an American, who is so much better and so much more valuable to humanity than your worthless self? I thought so.2nd Anonymous, if I wrote such inane garbage I would probably be anonymous too. It is obvious that you are completely nuts.3rd Anonymous, we do indeed know what happened that night, the actual evidence and DNA makes it obvious. Guede threw a rock through a window t burglarize the house, Meredith came in and Guede attacked her, she fought back furiously, and the SOB killed her with a knife. He then rifled her purse for her money and left. The truth is only dim to those who refuse to see it.


  • Emre wrote on 26. 03. 2012 from KbigmmIfuxJf

    I'll tell you what I think, Anon, and that is you are totally uoemfnrnid on the facts of the case. Who killed Meredith? A black guy named Rudy Guede, a known burglar who broke windows with rocks to enter residences and offices and who carried a knife and used it to threaten burglary victims. His fingerprints, DNA, semen and feces were all over the crime scene, all over and inside of Meredith Kercher. How blind can you be? Also, your impressions based on Knox and Sollecito not wanted to view gory pictures of a nude, dead girl proves nothing at all. There were many in the courtroom who were disgusted with this cynical display and looked away. Let me give you a clue: you are neither a psychiatrist nor a clairvoyant and your general impression ain't worth spit.


  • Piazzolla wrote on 24. 09. 2010 from

    Vienna If the film is about a witch hunt and a miscarriage of justice of an Italian court, then the film is okay. After the appeal trial there will not be a "killer" Amdanda Knox or a "killer" Raffaele Sollecito any more! They are innocent! Look at:


    • Richard wrote on 24. 03. 2012 from KNXDcwfmVFpC

      there were disco buses that night, but the defense team has eivednce, from the disco bus companies, that their buses were not running that night, so he's probably not lying about seeing them outside the house;just mixing up the days of when this occured. Yes, she incriminated her former employer, but after days & hours of duress & being told that she's lying & going to be imprisoned for 30yrs, she told them a lie. Her initial interregation was not recorded in any shape or form, but yet things she said was used against her at trial. There's absolutely no eivednce that points to this murder being a sex-game gone awry; that's the only circumstance that makes the prosecution's theory somewhat plausible. Seeing as Raffaelle comes from an affluent italian family and Amanda was studying abroad...they really have no motive for the alleged robbery. There's eivednce to suggest that that type of knife couldn't have made the wounds on Kercher. There's no eivednce pointing to jealousy being an issue. Amanda was roommates with Kercher and knew her for only 6 weeks prior to the murder;how upset should she have been? She may not have been hysterical and balling, but Knox did seem somewhat upset about the situation.Everyone has different levels of resilience and reacts to stressful situations differently(what about when Heath Ledger O.D, who did his nurse call first-Ledger's then gf,Mary-Kate Olsen). The photos of Amanda and Raffaelle kissing;she was in a foreign country, her bf being the closest thing to family,so yes, they were snogging to comfort one another. Knox doing cartwheels outside the police station,again, everyone handles stress differently; with her being an athlete, physical activity seems like a natural stress reliever- no matter what she could've done in that situation it would've looked like she didn't care. Now, with there being blood in the bathroom: The blood wasn't that conspicous and if one quickly hops in to take a shower, the blood could've easily been overlooked. How many times do you inspect your bathroom mats before you take a shower? or the faucets. The prosecution trying to incriminate Knox on the basis that she had stayed the night at Sollecito's, but chose to take a shower at her place is not incriminating. The italian police considered a woman to be involved from the sole fact that Kercher's body was covered; the body being covered doesn't mean that a woman was involved-all it means is that the perpetrator felt guilty about it, so her body being covered doesn't point to a particular sex being involved. But even if Knox and Raffaelle were involved there's too little circumstancial eivednce linking them to the crime and the investigation was mishandled from the begining.


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