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30. 09. 10. - 15:00

Knox flick director 'impartial'

Robert Dornhelm, the Austrian currently creating a TV drama based on the life of convicted killer Amanda Knox, has stressed his film will not give a verdict.

American exchange student Knox was jailed for 26 years for the brutal murder of flatmate Meredith Kercher in Perugia, Italy, in November 2007. Reportedly the Brit had refused to join a bizarre sex game before being stabbed by Knox.

Her ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito and their pal Rudy Guede were given prison terms of 26 years and 30 years respectively for their part in the crime.

Dornhelm, who created the acclaimed 2001 TV series "Anne Frank: The Whole Story", explained today (Thurs) that he decided not to weave his point of view into the upcoming film "The Amanda Knox Story".

The 63-year-old told Austrian weekly magazine News: "Im trying to stay impartial, thats very important. The film will end with a big question mark Ill let the audience decide."

Dornhelm rubbished accusations that his work could influence the upcoming appeal trial. He said: "This claim is ridiculous, because youd have to keep all media from covering the story then."

The Romanian-born director, who describes the life of Knox as a "love story gone wrong", revealed the film will be screened by various broadcasters as early as next March. " US TV network 'Lifetime' has already sold the rights all over the world. They are right to expect high rating figures," he said speaking to News.

Dornhelm also revealed why he decided to shoot the film starring Hayden Panettiere as Knox in Rome.

He said: "We werent welcome in Perugia, which is a city of many students where privileged people from all over the world send their kids to study. Its image already suffered from the Knox case anyway."

Academy Award laureate Marcia Gay Harden will star as Edda Melles, the mother of Knox refusing to give up the fight to get her child out of jail.

The screenplay of the eagerly awaited film is being written by Wendy Battles who has produced TV hits such as legal drama series "Law & Order".

Meanwhile, Sollecitos lawyer Luca Maori has expressed concerns that the movie could harm the legal appeals which his client and Knox are making against their convictions.

Maori said: "We dont have the final verdict in this case yet. If the film is ready before the appeal is over, we will seek a court injunction to prevent it being aired."

The 21-year-old victims father John Kercher said: "I don't like the idea of a film based on Meredith's death. Seeing it graphically portrayed () is a horrible thought."

According to Italian newspapers, Knox who tabloids have nicknamed "Foxy Knoxy" will star in a Christmas show for jail mates in Capanne prison on the outskirts of Perugia. Her music teacher revealed she would sing a solo. "She's an outstanding soprano with an amazing voice," he said about the 23-year-old.

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  • TonydelBalzo@Gmail.Com wrote on 30. 09. 2010 from USA

    So, do you really believe that Amanda Knox will ever get fair and impartial treatment in Europe. I say she has a slim to none chance to being treated fairly and impartially in Europe. Obama had made it easy to disrespect the USA and Clinton is a meek kitten. Meanwhile, Knox suffers in prison. For more, check out this link:


    • Lemlem wrote on 24. 03. 2012 from zpLRSlTszTvXnSmKa

      Well say what you want but Amanda Knox and Raffaelle Sollecito are free!!!! And that is because they are nncoient. Honestly it really astonishes me how ignorant and judgmental people can be. You are like little sheep following a lie just because they paint a picture you believe it as the truth without researching your facts. And truly looking at the evidence! You should be ashamed! Just hope one days the tables aren't turned and your wrongly accused of something you had nothing to do with. You will know then exactly what these to poor nncoient kids went through! Now if the authority that made this mistake had the balls to admit they jumped the gun and made a mistake by arresting these poor kids they could have gave the man (Rudy) the time he so rightly deserved!!! not a lousy 16 years! Then Maybe (god rest her soul) Merideth would have had REAL justice!!!!!


  • Michelle Moore wrote on 30. 09. 2010 from US

    It's pretty hard to not be impartial. You should interview both sides. Steve Moore would be a smart person to at least give one perception


    • Kleiiner wrote on 24. 03. 2012 from YpyXRvgBHS

      Weather she did it or not no one will ever know that true answer. . But for those of you who think she is ilugty. Just know only one can ultimately. Judge. Us and that is God. She will with out a dout answer for why she did in a much more horriable way then rotting away in a prison. And for those of you who think she is innocent. I really can't tell you my veiws on this cause the evidence goes both ways but instead of focussing on weather she did it or not what's done is done nothing will bring back the victim so now nearly 5 years later how about we put it rest and let merideth rest in piece. Its sick that this had ended the way it did a big media scandal. . All that matters is a young beautiful lost her life in a very tragic. Way and all we can do is make a big deal of the foxy knoxy character its not about Amanda Knox the big house held name. Its bout bringing justice to merideth and her poor family so lets move on and celebrate the life of the lost let her memory live on instead of focussing. On two people who were found innocent. In the end justice will have its say. And that's the only thing that matters. And I'm arty but to tell you the truth someone like Amanda if she was ilugty. I think she would have cracked along time ago.


  • ana wrote on 03. 10. 2010 from barcelona

    ôimpartialô meaning giving equal weight to the versions of convicted murderess Knox and her family as opposed to the unanimous verdict of a truly impartial court, overseen by the US embassy??


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