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14. 05. 12. - 15:46

Project for healthier food in Austrian schools

The "Schulbuffet ok" (school buffet OK) project was introduced on Friday.

It is a program which aims to guarantee proper food in Austrian schools, and already 20 schools have applied to take part as the initiative takes its first steps.

The Austrian Ministry of Health wants to find an alternative to the sweet drinks and fatty foods currently being served in schools throughout the country.

Styrian provincial health councillor Kristina Edlinger-Ploder (ÖVP), said: "At this time, many schools deny that the food situation can be improved. Now we have the chance to prove them wrong as we visit 20 schools to show them alternatives to the unhealthy fast food. I am confident that we will be successful, and that we will be able to prove any sceptics wrong within a year."

The project will begin in the coming school year.

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