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29. 06. 10. - 14:00

Study shows many Austrians see country as victim of Nazis

New research reveals more than three in 10 Austrians consider their country the first victim of Nazi Germany.

SORA researcher Gnther Ogris and historian Oliver Rathkolb said today (Tues) they found that 36.5 per cent of Austrians claimed that Austria which was annexed by the Third Reich in March 1983 was dictator Adolf Hitlers first victim. Only 25 per cent dismiss this theory, they added.

Their study about authoritarianism in Austria also shows that the number of people regarding the role of a housewife as the "natural occupation" of women declined dramatically from 51 per cent in 1978 to 14 per cent this year.

Ogris and Rathkolb said their research had shown that younger people thought in less authoritative ways than older Austrians regardless of their education.

A majority of 59 per cent expressed support for "tougher fines for criminals", while only one in five backed more searches of peoples computers by authorities over the internet.

A meagre 13 per cent spoke out in favour of a general ban of demonstrations and strikes.

Rathkolb stressed he was "surprised" to find that 36 per cent of Austrians were against minorities right for school classes held in their mother language.

"This result shows that the conflict which exists since Habsburg times is not solved yet," the historian said.

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