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30. 11. 11. - 16:01

Leningrad Cowboys... go Vienna!

 The American boys from Russia, who are actually Finnish, are back with a new album and more on-stage madness! "Buena Vodka Social Club" gives the band a Mexican twang, adding to the Cowboys' extremely large repertoire of just about every type of music there is.

Newcomers are always awe-struck by the band's energy, musical talent and hilarious humour that is best paraphrased by the old Yiddish saying "you have to be pretty intelligent in order to be that silly". The Cowboys duly obliged to the crowd's expectations and put on one roller coaster ride of a show when they hit the Arena to open their latest tour.

Ever since, the Leningrad Cowboys were the safest bet for a good night out – rarely a band manages to turn a venue into one big party and offers such a complete package of what makes for a good gig: An entertaining show with hard-partying (and fabulously random) female dancers, a creative stage set that traditionally embeds the drum kit in a tractor, off-the-wall outfits and hair-dos, great songs and most importantly brilliant musicians.

Even though the Cowboys make themselves look like one big joke there are scores of bands out there that take themselves way too serious but wish they only had an ounce of the Finns' talent: The highly energetic Pauli Hauta-aho plays a solo on their cover of "Enter Sandman" that would make Kirk Hammett's eyes pop out. And you will probably never hear a faster version of "Sweet Home Chicago" played on the piano than Okke Komulainen does.

Basically – if you love good music, you will love the Leningrad Cowboys. If you love a funny show, you will love the Leningrad Cowboys. If you like vodka... well, you get the knack of it. If you have the chance to check them out, do so. Nobody has ever walked out of a Leningrad Cowboys' gig and not had a good time.

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