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28. 09. 12. - 16:29

Electric buses for Vienna

The first electric bus have gone into service on the roads of Vienna. Up to twelve of the new-generation microbuses are to be employed for bus lines 2A and 3A by 2013.

The new-generation vehicles termed "ElectriCitybusse" are part of Vienna’s initiative to be a model region for e-mobility.

The first inner-city bus line will rely entirely on electric buses by the start of 2013; for both lines, the switch will take until summer 2013.

Following its first successful tests with electric microbuses, Vienna’s public transport operator Wiener Linien decided to use the new technology.

At the inauguration of the first bus, Deputy Mayor Renate Brauner welcomed the initiative, saying: "By introducing the new e-buses, Vienna takes a major step towards the future. It plays a pioneering role as one of the first cities worldwide to use electric vehicles buses on regular bus lines. With the new buses, guests from abroad, too, can see that the Vienna public transport network is among the most modern and eco-friendly in the World."

The new buses are powered by current collectors on the roof. The collectors are automatically switched on and off at the charging stations, which are situated at the final stops on Schwarzenbergplatz and Schottenring. Charging takes no more than 15 minutes. Additionally, the buses are recharged slowly in their garage at night. Every e-bus accommodates 44 passengers and can cover up to 150 kilometres before it needs to be recharged.

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