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03. 09. 12. - 16:47

Another sea eagle found poisoned

Austrian wildlife protection officers have again reported a case of a poisoned eagle after the body was discovered by a hiker.

Eleven sea eagles have so far been killed in the Weinviertel district since 2007 and already three have been found dead this year only.

The World Wide Fund (WWF) announced that the sea eagles which are under wildlife conservation where poisoned by a pesticide Carbofuran which has been illegal EU-wide since 2008.

Christian Pichler, the director of the WWF sea eagle protection program, said it highlighted that the main problem protecting the birds is illegal hunting and poisoning.

The WWF and the Lower Austrian hunting association now hope to find the offenders which would have to go to jail for up to two years.

One man suspected of poisoning the eagles in the Weinviertel was already arrested, and might have to stay behind bars for about a year.

Peter Lebersorger from the headquarters of the local hunting association said they did their best to prevent such illegal activities, but it was not possible to cover everything.

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