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12. 06. 12. - 16:58

Flower power against violence

Top Austrian politicians have agreed to dress themselves in a white shirt and carry a white rose as part of a campaign organised to tackle violence against women.

The "Men against violence" initiative includes Austrian president Heinz Fischer, Chancellor Werner Faymann and the Green politician Alexander van der Bellen as well as former Chancellor Alfred Gusenbauer.

It also includes Dancing-Star Frenkie Schinkels, and the cabarettist Florian Scheuba and Michael Niavarani.

Organiser Euke Frank from the magazine women said: "Violence against women is not something to trivialise. It is something that is a crime. Any woman that is abused is one too many. We are grateful for all the men have taken part in this initiative for women and also we want to open the eyes of women that they don't have to accept violence – and let men know that it is a sign of weakness rather than strength to use violence."

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