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25. 05. 12. - 16:10

Turks flattened by lone asylum seeker

A furious Nigerian went on the rampage at a refuge for asylum seekers in Leibnitz, attacking several people and damaging property.

Even when police arrived the man refused to calm down and had to be restrained after attacking police officers.

The 27-year-old Nigerian asylum seeker had started a fight with a number of Turkish residents of the same Styrian facility. After knocking out the Turks he was enraged to such a degree that he attacked everyone – and everything – in sight yesterday evening (Thurs).

After beating on several doors, walls and people, the raging asylum seeker moved on outside, where he strangled a 19-year-old German who was left bruised after the incident.

The police were called to the location, but when they tried to arrest the man he resisted, punching and kicking two officers. When his aggression did not stop, he was restrained and taken to the Sigmund Freud Mental Hospital in Graz.

The asylum seeker stands accused of numerous offences, including aggravated assault, criminal damage and resisting arrest.

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