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09. 07. 10. - 14:00

Danger cargo lorry crashes near lake

An environmental disaster was avoided in Lower Austria yesterday (Thurs) when a lorry carrying hazardous chemicals caught fire after coming off the road close to a lake.

Officials in Tullnerbach said today the trucks cabin electronic system combusted when fire-fighters dragged it back on the road. They said firemen managed to extinguish the blaze quickly.

The local fire brigade also avoided an emission of hazardous chemicals in containers in the lorrys trailer into the nearby Wienerwald Lake.

A broken axis was identified as the cause of the crash which hospitalised the vehicle's driver.

The incident comes just one day after a busy indoor pool in Graz, Styria, was evacuated after a swimmer told managers she smelt gas.

Experts found that around 30 litres of Sodium hypochlorite had already escaped from a leaky pipe in an installations room. The gas a danger to the human mucosal can explode if it comes into contact with certain other substances.

Authorities evacuated the estate so firemen could remove the dangerous compound using a special binding agent. A technician had to be hospitalised with suspected poisoning.

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