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10. 05. 12. - 15:35

Door to door recipe service starts in Austria

Gourmet food lovers in Austria can get the chance to enjoy freshly cooked cuisine with the start of a new door-to-door service that delivers a recipe from a top chef, plus all the fresh ingredients needed to make it.

Visitors to the website can sign up for a service that sees them able to take delivery of top-quality homegrown produce delivered in exactly the right quantities to make whatever recipe is included in the packet.

The company said they wanted to concentrate on recipes that used seasonal products as well as regional variations, at a reasonable price.

Packages can be ordered to come between three and five times a week and in portion sizes for two, four or six people. Average cost is around 4 euros per person.

Michael Ströck, who is the business manager for the project, used his knowledge of Austrian gastronomy coupled with his logistics experience from working at the bakery Ströck to help come up with the concept for the company.

He said that most of the produce came from Austrian family firms.

The company hoped to have 5000 subscribers by 2014 and said they were really pleased with the number of people that has signed up so far.

The company currently delivers in Vienna and will eventually cover the whole country – next month they plan to add customers in St. Pölten, Wels, Linz und Salzburg.

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