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Salzburg hotels get top marks

By Thomas Hochwarter

Salzburg hotels are among the best in Europe, according to a major international survey.

The citys hotels were ranked fourth in a study released today (Tues) which was conducted by travellers all around the world.

They finished ahead of Vienna which came only twelfth in the survey which is based on 2.7 million overall reviews for 13,000 hotels in 50 European cities.

Online hotel listings platform Trivago which compares the hotel rates of 53 booking sites for 400,000 hotels worldwide considers specific characteristics such as room amenities and a hotels environment.

Hotels in the eastern German city of Dresden topped the poll with an average of 81.39 out of 100 points, while London hotels have the worst reputation among travellers (69.89).

Hotels in Salzburg the birthplace of composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart came in fourth with an average of 78.59 points behind the French city of Bruges and Bologna, Italy. Salzburgs five-star Schloss Mnchstein hotel topped the list of 120 rated Salzburg hotels with an average 93 of a maximum 100 points.

Hotels in the capital, Vienna, only came in twelfth (77.08), ahead of Stockholm and Prague.

Trivago said the poll confirmed that high prices for hotel accommodation do not always guarantee good quality since Geneva the most expensive city in October out of the top 50 cities in its Hotel Price Index is only 39 in the rankings.

The news comes just weeks after Statistik Austria reported summer-season overnights in Austria had declined by 1.2 per cent to 55.55 million year on year. The state agency added the number of guests had dropped by 0.5 per cent to 15.15 million compared to the 2008 summer season running from May to September.

The body said declines in the number of tourists from the UK, the Netherlands, Sweden and Hungary had been large factors behind the decrease, adding rises in the number of tourists from Italy, Switzerland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Belgium and France failed to compensate for them.

Tourism bosses are now hoping the early onset of winter with heavy snowfall since late October will give the industry a boost. Several ski resorts have decided to start business earlier than scheduled.

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