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  • New recycling campaign in Vienna
    A new campaign for cleanliness of the magistrate MA 48 focuses on cigarette butts and dog excrement. Along with the slogan "Wo samma daham?" (Where do we live?) the penalties for offences are listed again.
  • A controversial regulation in the Citizenship Act
    For those who want to apply for citizenship in Austria have to overcome many obstacles. Even those people who fulfill all criteria are sometimes rejected. A case in Tyrol shows that this could be due to a controversial regulation of the Citizenship Act.
  • Last preparations for the Vienna referendum
    In the next few days, 1,5 million people will receive ballot papers for the upcoming referendum in Vienna. It will take place from 7-9 March but it is possible to vote earlier by post.
  • Votivkirche refugees end hunger strike
    The Votivkirche refugees announced an end to their hungerstrike this morning after a well-attended demonstration on Saturday and an ‘encouraging’ letter from President Fischer.
  • Frank Stronach answered questions on radio show
    The first top candidate of a party in the regional and national parliament, Austro-Canadian Frank Stronach (Team Stronach) answered questions posed in a "Radio Lower Austria" special.
  • Rosenkranz wants to protect the Austrian labour market
    Barbara Rosenkranz, the top candidate of the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ) in Lower Austria, answered questions in a Radio interview yesterday (Wed). She demands the protection of the Austrian labour market.
  • Parking stickers rejected in Vienna-Hietzing
    The parking sticker was rejected in a poll of residents in Vienna-Hietzing. Around a quarter of residents oppose an introduction of a parking sticker. 59% of 41,000 persons who are entitled to vote took part in the poll.
  • Referendum: the Olympic issue
    The referendum "Wien will’s wissen" will take place from 7 to 9 March 2013. Residents from Vienna can answer four questions, including the issue whether Vienna should apply for the Olympics in 2028. Political parties have commented on the topic.
  • Victory for the SPÖ in Carinthia
    The Social Democratic Party (SPÖ) won the regional elections in Carinthia (Southern Austria) yesterday (Sun), achieving 37.1%. The Freedom Party of Carinthia (FPK) lost most of the votes (-27.8%). The ÖVP, on third place (14.2%), was followed by the Green Party (11.8%).
  • Gerald Klug becomes new defence minister
    The current defence minister Norbert Darabos will go back to the headquarters of the Social democratic party (SPÖ). His successor will be Gerald Klug who has been chairman of the SPÖ in the Austrian Federal Council.
  • Vienna votes against Olympics in 2028
    Residents of Vienna have apparently voted against an application of the city for the Olympic games in 2028. This appears to be the trend after the evaluation of the first postal votes. The mayor will announce the offical dates today (Tues).
  • Austrian with Turkish origins rejected by gym
    The case of a Turkish immigrant, who was rejected by a gym in Götzis in the Western Austrian state of Vorarlberg is now discussed by politicians. The Green Party demands the establishment of a regional advice centre.
  • Referendum in Vienna terminated
    Offices for the Vienna Referendum 2013 closed last Saturday. The preliminary voter turnout is 29,44 percent. The result will be announced tomorrow (Tues).
  • ÖVP Lower Austria start election campaign
    The Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) of Lower Austria officially started the election campaign with a major event in Multiversum in Schwechat yesterday evening (Thurs).
  • Grasser sues the Republic of Austria
    The launch of the hearing of Karl-Heinz Grasser, the former Minister of Finance, against the Republic of Austria has been postponed. Mr Grasser is suing the prosecutors as they launched a press release regarding searches at his house.
  • Minister plans grope law change
    The story of a pervert that escaped scot free despite admitting fondling a young woman's bottom in public could result in a change in the law in Austria.
  • Greens not hygenic
    Dogs are not banned at the Freedom Party headquarters in St Pölten in Lower-Austria - but members of the green party are according to a sign on the front door of their office.
  • Austrian ex-MEP Ernst Strasser jailed for bribe-taking
    Former Austrian interior minister and Euro MP, Ernst Strasser, has been sentenced to four years in jail for bribe-taking.
  • OECD says more needed to be done on bribery
    The OECD Working Group on Bribery regrets that Austria has not had a conviction of bribing foreign public officials despite a number of allegations, 13 years after ratifying the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention.
  • Mud fight continues in Salzburg
    A bitter row between the conservative People's party ÖVP and the social Democrats SPÖ in the regional parliament in Salzburg is continuing to interrupts the smooth running of government.
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