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  • Cycle paths to be painted green
    Vice Mayor Maria Vassilakou (Green Party) wants to paint cycle paths in Vienna with a length of 1,223 km green. A test route along the Ringstrasse will be painted next week.
  • Support Austrian NGOs in their fight for stopping cutbacks in development aid
    For the first time, five parliamentary parties (SP, VP, Green Party, Team Stronach, BZ) appealed to the government on 12 November 2012 to provide more money for development aid within the federal budgetary framework law.
  • SP Salzburg votes for new party leader
    The current health and social state councillor Walter Steidl has been elected the new head of the Social democratic party of Salzburg yesterday (Mon).
  • SP see devastating loss after weekend election
    The SP lost a huge amoung of votes in the Salzburg state election yesterday (Sun). The party of Governor Gabi Burgstaller only achieved 23.81%, which is a loss of 15.58% compared to 2009. Even though the VP lost more than seven percent, they came first. The Green Party is a winner of this election.
  • New German law in favour of the biological father of a child possible in Austria?
    After the decision of the European Court of human rights, 20578/07 (Anayo against Germany) Germany changed the law in favour of the biological father of a child.
  • Video cameras to enforce emergency lane
    One month ago, Traffic Minister Doris Bures presented her plan to monitor emergency lanes on motorways by video cameras. The new regulation has been substantiated: 49 sections will be monitored.
  • VP N wants to slow wind farm madness
    The VP wants to reduce wind farms in order not to spoil the image of the landscape. The government of Lower Austria decided to develop a new Planning Law and to keep the budget low.
  • Faymann warns against greed in society
    The SP converted its traditional May Parade at Rathausplatz in Vienna to some kind of unofficial election campaign. Chancellor and head of the SP Werner Faymann appealed to his party officials to put "every effort" in the time before the elections.
  • BZO and Lugner join forces over Sunday opening
    Shopping centre operator Richard Lugner has been fighting for Sunday opening hours in his shopping centre "Lugner City" in Vienna. He is now supported by the BZ and will lobby in Brussels for the extension of opening hours.
  • Finance scandal reason for early election
    The financial scandal in Salzburg has been hotly debated since last December. Many people lost their trust in the government and this has led to early elections on 5 May.
  • Austria celebrates May Day as a Bank Holiday
    A lot of events will take place on todays May Day: The traditionally biggest event is the manifestation of the SP at town hall square in Vienna. The famous Austrian singer DJ tzi will motivate people to party in Vienna Prater.
  • FPK to merge with the FP
    The FPK, the Freedom Party of Carinthia (Southern Austria), plans to remerge with the Federal FP at the end of June. Christian Ragger, head of the FPK, stated that a joint party congress would take place before the merger on 28 June.
  • Greens demand lower rents in Vienna
    The Green Party of Vienna held their 69th state assembly at the Chamber of Labour. Vice mayor Maria Vassilakou focused on the rental debate and demanded "a new rental law".
  • OeVP stays number 1 after Tyrol election
    The VP surprised at the state elections in Tyrol last weekend. Despite surveys, they achieved almost the same result as in 2008. The SP came second, the Green Party increased their voting percentage and "Vorwrts Tirol" achieved four mandates.
  • Austria joins EU intackling benefit fraudsters
    Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and Great Britain demand sanctions against "social tourism" within the EU. The Interior Ministers signed a letter to the EU-commission yesterday (Thurs) without naming certain states.
  • Asylum seekers in Votivkirche threaten new protest action
    The refugees, who occupied Votivkirche of Vienna and moved to the convent Servitenkloster in March, demanded the termination of the deportation proceedings and announced new public action. The asylum application was rejected in more than half of the 56 cases.
  • Row over unused PR material
    A depot with promotion material belonging to the former governor of Carinthia Gerhard Drfler (FPK) was found in Villach. Another depot was found in the road construction office in Klagenfurt. Here, five pallets with books and helmets were discovered.
  • German President to visit Austria this week
    New German President Christian Wulff will come to Vienna this Wednesday, the office of Austrian President Heinz Fischer has announced.
  • Anti Church initiative fails to gain support
    The referendum "against church privileges" and "Democracy now!" both failed as they could not find 100,000 supporters. This means that the initiatives will not be passed on to the National Assembly.
  • Driving licences confiscated last year over 90,000 times in Austria
    A parliamentary request showed that 91,300 Austrians had their driving license withdrawn last year. The main reasons were alcohol, speeding and dangerous driving. The former MP Johann Maier (SP) initiated the request in February.
  • Mini rental deals for top bankers discussed in Parliament
    There is once again a lot of fuss about alleged advantages for employees of the National Bank. 200 employees are said to live in flats owned by the Austrian National Bank for prices under the normal market value.
  • Stronach bribe claims
    Team Stronach is in the news once again: according to a report of the newspaper "Kurier", followers of the party have been promised posts and money in internal emails before the state elections in Lower Austria on 3 March 2013.
  • Fischler leads probe into illegal land subsidy claims
    The former EU commissioner for Agriculture Franz Fischler will lead a commission, which will examine controversial cases of subsidies for mountain farmers. Many Tyrolean farmers are facing high refunds and a stiff fine.
  • Mayr teams up with Stronach
    The Austro-Canadian billionaire Frank Stronach will support Hans-Peter Mayrs list of the Team Stronach party in the state elections in Tyrol at the end of April. The list will be called "Stronach-Mayr".
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