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Erdogan tells Turks not to assimilate into Austria

Turkey's Prime Minister has been accused of creating unrest by Austrian politicians after he called on Turks in Austria to reject 'assimilation'.



Kurz defends warning to Turkish PM Erdogan

Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz has defended his statement warning Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan against introducing "splits into Austrian socie [...]


Kurz website hacked by pro-Erdogan Turkish group

The website of Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz has been hacked by Turkish government supporters in response to remarks the Austrian politician made to [...]


Talks resume with Iran in Vienna

Talks are resuming in Vienna this week between Iran and the West to try and come to an agreement over the Islamic Republic's nuclear programme and tra [...]


Werner Faymann says he had hard time with British PM

The Austrian Chancellor has accused British Prime Minister David Cameron of speaking differently to the British public than he does in private with th [...]


Strache to run in Vienna mayoral elections

Leader of Austria's far right Freedom Party (FP) Heinz-Christian Strache has announced his intention to run in next year's mayoral elections in Vienn [...]


A win for VP and a victory for the Greens in Europe

As the last votes are cast across Europe, exit polls in Austria suggest that the Austrian People's Party (VP) has come out top in the 2014 European e [...]


New top candidate for FPOe

Following the resignation of Andreas Moelzer as the top candidate for the Freedom Party in the EU elections, conservative but pro-EU membership Harald [...]

Russia and Ukraine meet in Vienna

A brief meeting between foreign ministers of Russia and Ukraine took place at a conference in Vienna on Monday, according to Austria's foreign ministr [...]

Spindelegger says FTT in Austria by 2016

Finance Minister Michael Spindelegger (OeVP) has announced that a financial transaction tax will be introduced in Austria by 2016. [...]

Iraqis line up to vote in Austria

Thousands of Iraqis living in Austria voted at polling stations in Vienna this week as they took part in their home country's first election since US [...]

Kurz calls for hostages to be released

Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz has added his voice to calls for a safe and quick release of the hostages being held by pro-Russia groups in Ukraine. [...]

EU could penalise Austria over budget

The European Union could place financial penalties on Austria in response to government plans to delay achieving a structural zero deficit until 2016, [...]

Faymann warns against further Russia sanctions

Chancellor Werner Faymann has spoken out in support of moving away from additional sanctions on Russia. [...]


Moelzer no longer FPOe top candidate for Europe

FPOe politician Andreas Moelzer is no longer his party's top candidate for the European Parliament elections. [...]


Negotiations with Iran begin once again in Vienna

Negotiations have once again begun in Vienna between Western countries and Iran over the Islamic state's nuclear programme and the trade sanctions pla [...]


Ruling SP and VP Coalition at Record Low Over Hypo Scandal

Austria's coalition government is under fire over its management of a banking crisis in which it agreed to nationalise the Hypo Alpe Adria bank in a m [...]


SP Youth Leader Lied Over Hitler Salute

The leader of the Social Democrat's (SP) youth wing in Graz has been convicted of lying and libel after he took a photo of dancing supporters at a fa [...]


Ukrainian oligarch arrested in Vienna

Austrian authorities have arrested pro-Russian Ukrainian oligarch Dimitry Firtash, thought to be one of the richest Ukrainian businessmen who also has [...]


Hans Niessl denies taking money from Swarovski

Governor of Burgenland Hans Niessl is suing the magazine 'profil' after they published accusations that he received an envelope of 10,000 Euros from S [...]


FP are the new Jews claims cartoon

The Freedom Party's top candidate in the upcoming Parliamentary election has defended the use of a cartoon that likened protests against the right win [...]


Ukrainian Politicians Given Austrian Passports, Claim

Ukraine's last Prime Minister, the current intermediary Prime Minister and the man likely to be the next Prime Minister have all allegedly been secret [...]


Dont disregard insolvency for Hypo bank says WIFO head

A leading Austrian economist has caused controversy by questioning the government's stance about how to deal with ailing bank Hypo Alpe Adria. [...]


Stronach to retire this week with farewell speech

Frank Stronach will give a farewell speech in Parliament on Wednesday, signifying his retirement from the National Council after a whirlwind year and [...]


Hypo will not be allowed to go bust says SPO

Rumours over whether the struggling Hypo Alpe Adria bank will be allowed to go bust have been rejected by the parliamentary leader of the Social Democ [...]

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