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  • A Vienna Taxi driver offers a helping hand
    For our Christmas appeal we focus on the work of one man aid organisation Hannes Urban - whose charity "Helfen Wir" has raised millions for those in need in the decade since it was founded after a chance meeting in Africa.
  • Little James Aims to Walk Tall
    For his anniversary appeal this year Hannes Urban is raising money for James Fidelis Mshanga - he might look like a happy and healthy boy of nine - but he suffers from a growth condition which leaves him in severe pain. Read More. . .
  • Outrage about Holocaust joke in ORF show
    Bosses of national broadcaster ORF have come under pressure over a Holocaust joke in a popular late night show.
  • All aboard the Nikolauszug!
    Hundreds of disadvantaged children from all over Austria will be on track for a good time at the end of November with a festive holiday by train.
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