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Austrian economy falls in line with the European trend

Austria is in line with the current economic trend in Europe, according to several economic indicators made public in Austria on Friday.



City of Vienna further in debt in 2013

The level of debt run up by the Social Democrat controlled Vienna city council is at a record high after increasing by 285 million EUR in the last yea [...]

BAWAG prosecutors fail to find evidence

Linz prosecutors have dropped an investigation against BAWAG PSK after finding no evidence of wrongdoing. [...]

Austrian company to build Irish motorway

An Austrian company is part of a group that has taken on the task of constructing and running part of an Irish motorway. [...]

Russia and Austria sign major gas deal

A deal between Austria and Russia that will see gas being piped around Europe via Austria by 2017 has been signed by heads of two major gas companies. [...]


1.2 Million People At Risk Of Poverty in Austria

Around 1.2 million Austrians were at risk of poverty in 2012 statistics from the EU Social Report has shown. [...]


Analysts expect Austrian banks to benefit from domestic GDP

Credit ratings research company Fitch Ratings are expecting Austria's banks to benefit from improved GDP growth in 2014, whilst warns against risks fo [...]


Austria holds up EU talks to combat tax evasion

Efforts to combat tax fraud and evasion in Europe have been held up by the Austrian finance minister as he will not agree to reforms to increase trans [...]


Economy grows in third quarter

The Austrian economy had flourished in the third quarter following three months of languishing growth according to the Austrian Institute of Economic [...]


Reducing government control in Austrian Post could attract i

Reducing the government stake in the Austrian Post may make it easier to trade and spark investor interest, analysts have suggested [...]


Austrian provinces could suffer if Hypo Alpe losses pass to

Allowing lender Hypo Alpe-Adria-Bank to force losses onto bondholders or go solvent could impact widely on borrowing within Austria, the central bank [...]


Austrias SPO disappointed over financial tax

The failure to implement a European tax on financial transactions for next year is disappointing, according to Austrian Chancellor and SPO party leade [...]


Insurers encouraged to loan directly to big companies

Austrian insurers are being given access to additional revenue from early next year, when the country's markets watchdog will allow insurers to loan d [...]


Bank Austria launches investigation into leaked data

Information published in the media about Bank Austria's history of speculative trading with public money has led the bank to launch an investigation i [...]


Austria sees biggest increase in property prices in Europe

Property in Austria has seen the highest rate of price growth in Europe since the Lehman brothers bank crashed, throwing the region and other countrie [...]


Over a third of state aid repaid by Austrian bank BAWAG PSK

A further 150 million Euro is being repaid by Austrian bank BAWAG PSK to the state, leaving the lender with just under two thirds of repayments left t [...]


Bank Austria Admits Former CEO Being Investigated Over Madof

Embattled Bank Austria has admitted it's former Chief Executive Gerhard Randa is being investigated over ties to convicted fraudster Bernie Madoff. [...]


Rate of inlation sinks to 1.4 per cent

The inflation rate in Austria has sunk to 1.4 per cent and in addition increases in prices have slowed down in October (2013) [...]


Paypass system introduced in Austria

A new Paypass system is to be introduced which will allow bank debit cards to be used for payments of up to 25 Euro without the need to enter a pin nu [...]


No Buwog compensation hearing till Autumn

Former Immofinanz director Kark Petrikovics and ex-lobbyist Peter Hochegger are set to appear in court in a row over illegal commissions from the sale [...]

Bank worker jailed for theft.

A former cashier at a bank in Klagenfurt has been given an 18 month suspended jail term after she transferred €130,000 of clients money to her private [...]

Bad bank solution for Hypo Alpe Adria

Austria's national bank governor (OeNB) Ewald Nowotny has come out in favour of a "Bad Bank" model to solve the problems of the Hypo Alpe Adria (HGAA) [...]

Sweet success for Schwedenbomben planned

The owners of the popular sweet manufacturers Schwedenbomben recently rescued from insolvency after it was sold to Heidi Chocolat S.A. are planning to [...]

Styrias Andritz in 50 Millionen-Euro deal with China

The Styrian mechanical engineering firm Andritz has secured a 50 million Euro deal in China. [...]


Football manager fined 30,000 Euro

Adi Hütter, the manager of the football team SV Scholz Grödig (Salzburg state), was sentenced to a fine of 30,000 Euros on Wednesday due to tax evasio [...]

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