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  • Obama sends a message to Austria for holiday
    America's President Obama has sent his congratulations to Austria in advance of tomorrow's celebrations for the Austrian national day.
  • Innsbruck needs space to build 2,000 homes
    Innsbruck remains one of the most spectacular Austrian cities in part by virtue of the fact that it is surrounded by mountains.
  • Geremany announces 7 charged over Hypo purchase
    The never-ending story of the sale of the Carinthian Hypo Alpe Adria Bank has taken a new twist with the revelation that seven of the former directors of the Bavarian bank that eventually bought it at face court action over their role.
  • Thai Officials Complain Over Lack of Reaction Over Corruption Claim
    An Austrian company is at the centre of a corruption investigation that was a feature in the New York Times this week which included photographs of a weed-covered parking lot on the outskirts of Bangkok the contains tens of millions of euros worth of never used Austrian made firefighting equipment which is slowly decaying away.
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