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Eton Institute Vienna launches Summer Campaign with huge Online Sale

Eton Institute Vienna launches Summer Campaign with huge Online Sale Vienna language institute offers one-day occasion to boost personal and professional skills



Drive In Doc At Petrol Station To Cut Waiting Times

An Austrian doctor is claiming to have created the first drive-in doctors surgery – at a petrol station. [...]


Karlheinz Essl steps away from Baumax

Baumax founder Karlheinz Essl who hit the headlines earlier this year after he offered to sell his large art collection to Austria to help raise capit [...]


Angry business leaders say Austria is too expensive

Austria as an economic location is seriously under threat according to domestic business leaders. [...]


Property price rise continues

The price of property in Vienna has now spiralled so much that every 4th apartment comes with a price tag of 500,000 or more. And every second flat co [...]


Free Staff For One Person Companies - But Only In NÖ

Since the beginning of the year one-man-companies, the so called "Ein-Personen-Unternehmen" in Lower Austria have been entitled to help in the form of [...]


voestalpine wing - The gate to the Red Bull Ring

To mark the return of the Austrian Grand Prix to the Formula 1 calendar this June, voestalpine AG and Projekt Spielberg are cooperating closely to cre [...]


No one wants to buy KTZ newspaper

The Carithian newspaper KTZ that was forced to look for other investors when it's owner failed to settle the paper's debts has received no offers from [...]


Dont disregard insolvency for Hypo bank says WIFO head

A leading Austrian economist has caused controversy by questioning the government's stance about how to deal with ailing bank Hypo Alpe Adria. [...]


Hypo could receive 1bn Euros in state aid this year

Ailing Austrian bank Hypo Alpe Adria could receive 1 billion Euros from the government in 2014, Finance Minister and leader of the Austrian People's P [...]


Hypo will not be allowed to go bust says SPO

Rumours over whether the struggling Hypo Alpe Adria bank will be allowed to go bust have been rejected by the parliamentary leader of the Social Democ [...]


Healthy banks in talks over Hypo Alpe Adria

Austria's banks are due to begin talks with the government over the takeover of bad assets belonging to ailing bank Hypo Alpe Adria. [...]


Reinhard Gerers 'Teatro' show goes bust

The show from celebrity chef Reinhard Gerers, which combined high quality dinner service with theatrics and shows, had hoped to get more people throug [...]


Different pay rises for former civil servants at Telekom Aus

Workers at Telekom Austria will receive different pay rises depending on whether they are former public sector employees or regular staff, it was anno [...]


Austrian central bank downplays real estate bubble fears

The Austrian central bank has downplayed concerns over whether the real estate bubble in Vienna and the rest of the country could shake financial stab [...]


ORF Presenter Freund Guesses Workers Get 3,000 a Month

Former ORF presenter Eugen Freund who ended up in hot water right at the start after announcing he had been asked to run in the European elections as [...]


Row over clone versions of discount cards

Supermarket chain Billa is involved in an online row via social networking sites with customers over the use of cloned cards that allow customers to g [...]


Pay rise for Austrian civil servants

Civil servants in Austria have succeeded in securing themselves a pay rise after the two parties in the coalition government announced they have come [...]


Austrian wine proves popular in UK

Austrian wine is getting popular once again in the UK, with quality supermarket Waitrose recording a 53% rise in sales compared last year compared to [...]


Vienna Stock Exchange may merge with Warsaw

Vienna CEE Stock Exchange (CEESEG) could be on its way to becoming central Europe’s largest single financial services marketplace if the Warsaw stock [...]


Mexican investor ups shares in Telekoms Austria

Shares of Telekom Austria held by a Mexican Carlos Slim have increased to 26.8% after the businessman pooled together stakes held by his company and t [...]


Pressure in workplace increases considerably

Pressure on employees in companies in Austria has increased significantly according to a new study into burnout. [...]


Billa Opens Drive In Supermarkets in Vienna

Austrian supermarket Billa is opening its first two 'Drive In Supermarkets'. [...]


New Luxury Hotel To Open in Vienna

The building of the Radisson Blu Palais Hotel on the famous Vienna Ringstrasse is to become a new 'Top Luxury Hotel' according to media reports. [...]


City earns 110 million Euro in a year from parking fees

The city of Vienna has raised 110 million Euros from parking fees from parking permit charges through to parking fines in the city in 2013. [...]

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